FIAM was founded on August 13, 1987. The founding members were Peladang Kimia Bhd, CCM Fertilizers Sdn Bhd, FPM Sdn Bhd, Pengedar Bahan Pertanian Sdn Bhd, Behn Meyer & Co (M) Sdn Bhd.

As agriculture will continue to be an important sector of the Malaysian economy, and with Malaysia dependent on imports for all its fertilizer needs except urea, FIAM has been established with the following objectives.

·        To promote, foster and advance, in a manner consistent with the public interest, the progress and development of the fertilizer industry which imports, manufactures, produces, processes and/or distributes fertilizers.

·        To cooperate with and offer advice to Federal, State and other Authorities in matters pertaining to the fertilizer industry and provide a consensus view to Government bodies in Association matters.

·        To inform members of the Association about Federal, State and other legislation, whether existing or proposed, and reports of Government or scientific committees which affect the fertilizer industry.

·        To promote the correct and efficient handling and use of fertilizers.

·        To establish liaison with similar organizations and agriculture associations in Malaysia and overseas with which the Association has a common interest.

·        To encourage and support scientific research into all aspects of the fertilizer industry and inform members of commercial or technical developments locally or abroad which are of importance to the industry.

·        To foster the development and use of fertilizer products.

·        To conduct industry meetings and conventions.

·        With prior approval of the relevant authorities, to acquire, prepare, edit, print, publish or issue and circulate books, papers, periodicals and/or circulars on the fertilizer industry or matters of interest to the Association.

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